Caeli station system is a revolutionary system to improve the safety, to accelerate the production efficiency and gain work space. It allows to improve the work efficiency, the safety of workers and to enlarge the work area, VULCAN cranes has developed a welding crane system.

The principle is that the welding station crane have 6 motorised jib crane with a suspended welding station that allows 6 workers to make the welding.

The welding station crane can be controlled manually or been automatically in position by our program system.

The power supply, gas and all necessary for the welding station is provided through the crane. As it is centralised, it allows to improve the supply chain as a team can manage 6 work stations at once.

  • Precise

    Power by software

  • Fast

    GENERIS go fast

  • Smart distribution

    GENERIS pick up the the steel part and can distribute at the right place with connection with other system.