Intelligent and automatic sorting out system for your steel parts

Be ready for a revolution.

GENERIS is a smart cost-efficient system to improve your steel part handling management.

GENERIS benefits your business in many ways.
  • Smart handling solution

    GENERIS is a smart crane from a new generation, it enables you to set up cut steel pieces delivery with accuracy and efficiency at a required position. It can be used inline with the steel cutting machine and connected to an AGV trolley, a conveyor or a storage area.

  • Safe and accurate operation

    With safety and precision thanks to a complete set of sensors, GENERIS picks up cut steel pieces, lifts up the parts by a smart magnet system and then transfer it to the loading place.

  • Productive operation

    GENERIS is a revolution for the productivity of steel parts manufacturer in saving you time and money. The operations are done quickly, smartly, fully well organized by our software system.

  • Optimize logistics

    GENERIS optimizes in-house logistics and increases transaction capacity and storage area. GENERIS can be installed to your existing premises and expanded according to your needs.

  • Empower your handling solutions

    When you choose GENERIS, you acquire a unique source of global experience and knowledge combined with local know-how and a European design to empower your handling solutions and increase your safety and productivity.


  • 1 - Configure

    The operator programs the GENERIS software in automatic or manual mode. GENERIS read the configuration information with the coordinates ‘x,y,z’ to pick up the right steel part.

  • 2 - Pick up

    With the coordinates programed on the software, GENERIS go to pick up the right piece of steel.

  • 3 - Move

    GENERIS generate the force to apply on the magnet to lift up and to move the steel parts to the requested position.

  • 4 - Put in place

    GENERIS put the steel piece to the right unloading position and go directly to pick up the next steel part.

  • 5 - Organise

    For a better organization and time-efficient ordering, GENERIS can be synchronized with your AGV or  conveyor system.


GENERIS is the perfect link between our cutting machine and our conveyor.


That’s a great evolution for our productivity!


The operators just need to indicate the piece of steel they need on the software and GENERIS go to pick up it automatically.


Very safe and accurate, operations are more efficient.