Clean room crane

VULCAN Cranes is dedicated to design and to build innovative lifting and crane solutions for use in cleanrooms.  We focus to serve our customers with a high safety level, compactness at higher workloads, less contamination and more precise handling of loads. Our range for clean room are : crane systems, gantry cranes, jib cranes, lifting and handling solutions.

Our advantages

Our advantage is to combine the individual components at will so that each of our fiber rope hoists is ideally designed for your requirements. Regardless of whether it’s a standard product or an individually customized product.

Our design

The attractive design of the Fiber Rope Hoists VCD masks a compact, sturdy construction, which is extremely low-maintenance. Their reliability, power and long service life are above average. The particularly smooth, precise starting and braking characteristics are outstanding.

Our expertise

They are based on a technically mature modular system that guarantees cost-effective production at the highest level of quality. With our strategic key partnerships in France, Germany, and other European partners, VULCAN Cranes offers premium quality cranes, with a long list of industry-leading standard features.

Pharmaceutical – Semiconductors – Laboratory – Flat panels – Aerospace – Military – Solar Panel – General clean room – Food industry

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