… and if your handling operation could provide you more safety,

productivity and a high return on investment…

GENERIS is a smart crane from a new generation, it enables you to set up cut steel pieces delivery with accuracy and efficiency at a required position. It can be used inline with the steel cutting machine and connected to an AGV trolley, a conveyor or a storage area.

CAELI station system is a revolutionary system to improve the safety, to accelerate the production efficiency and gain work space. It allows to improve the work efficiency, the safety of workers and to enlarge the work area, VULCAN cranes has developed a welding crane system.

Smart solutions for our standard and special cranes

Here at VULCAN Cranes, our engineers are constantly striving to find better solutions and improve our technology, and what better way to showcase our latest innovations than by unveiling them in all their glory in our smart crane systems.

Innovation is written in VULCAN Cranes DNA and it has been remarkably expressed in our smart crane systems for clean room and steel industries. We have the will to extend this successful experience to other industries to get the best use of VULCAN Cranes.

Become a part of an intelligently connected world with all that you need for your crane handling work such as :

– APOS system : Automatic Positioning Operation System to position a load on a predefined spot.

– CPS system : Collision Prevention System to define the working area where the crane can go.

– LSW system: Load Sway Monitoring to prevent load sway.

– ESS : Extra Speed System is to lift the hook faster when there is no load.

– SynC system : SynC system is to get two (or more) crane and hoists lifting or traversing with a load in synchronized movements.

– RMS : Remote Monitoring System monitors Preventive maintenance diagnostics.

Our VULCAN Cranes engineers have risen to the challenge, coming up with a range of efficient technologies to improve the safety, the crane productivity, the preventive maintenance and your return on investment.


Automatic Positioning Operation System

It is to prevent to damage the material around. The operator can teach the crane with designated positions for the load. The positions can be set up with the crane’s remote control.


Collision Prevention System

It is to adjust the working area and can be used to define the area in which the crane is allowed or not to move. These areas are adjustable by the operator according to the task needed. Some interesting features is that we can define some areas the crane can not go down or can only be used in slow speed. The possibilities are various and it brings a lot of safety.


Load Sway Monitoring

It is use to reduces accidents by preventing load sway. It keeps the load steady even when a relatively inexperienced operator is driving the crane.


Extra Speed System

It is used to increase the productivity. When there is no load (or a small load), the EES system provides extra speed to the crane and therefore increases the productivity of the factory process. The EES system can be set up with the CPS or APOS system and then provide a very efficient productivity process.


Synchronisation System

It is to handle safer long pieces with two hoists (or more). SynC keeps the hooks at the same height during hoisting so that it reduce the risk of unbalanced load. The function couple with other system as CPS/ATOS can bring a better productivity as well.


Remote Monitoring System

It is to track the crane’s operation and condition all along the crane life. It brings a lot of advantage about safety in predicting when some parts needs to be replace and productivity in giving a complete analysis of the crane usage.